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      Gear Form Grinding Wheel Machine
      Worm Wheel Gear Grinding Machine
      Service Tel:18191765930
      Contact Person:Xuefang Han
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              Xi’an Best Gear Machine Tool Co., Ltd (BGM) is a high-tech enterprise specialized in research, manufacture and sales of precision gear grinding machine.
              The product series are including CNC worm wheel gear grinding machine, CNC horizontal gear form grinding machine and CNC vertical gear form grinding machine, which have reached state-of-the-art level of international gear machine manufacture in accuracy, efficiency and operability.
              BGM is of strong technology development strength, having formed independent intellectual property and the whole set core technology in research, manufacture and software development of the modern gear machine, with perfect manufacture and quality guarantee system and sound service mechanism. We are committed to creating a new brand in gear machine field and building the world class precision machine tool base.

              Our philosophy: Adhering to technology innovation, Striving for excellent quality.
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      Sales Tel:0086-29-84357562 Phone:13363990552 Fax:0086-29-68510300 Technical Support:eemay.com
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